Women’s Advocates Project

IIDA’s Northland, Advocacy Committee Mission:

Engage the community through meaningful and diverse channels to foster respect and awareness for our profession through the avenues of outreach, education and relationships.

Who are Women’s Advocates? 

Women’s Advocates (WA) is a safe place where victims/survivors of all backgrounds and cultures can escape domestic violence and begin to heal. We offer shelter, meals, clothing, transportation, personal needs items, counseling, support, advocacy, referrals, crisis phone, and other basic services to women and their children daily. Today, Women’s Advocates provides shelter and services to an average of 50 women and children daily, helps dozens of callers to the crisis line daily, and educates students and professionals about domestic abuse prevention and services.

2016 Collaboration:

2 years ago IIDA partnered with WA to remodel 2 spaces on an upper floor in the house, a lounge and meditation room.  With generous donations and a high number of volunteers, we were able to pull off this remodel successfully and in one weekend!  Thank you for all of the donations and volunteer time that went into that effort!  We are looking forward to our next collaboration!

2018 Collaboration:

IIDA has partnered with Women’s Advocates again to remodel a registration space for individuals or families to check in when they first arrive.  A space where two people could have a private conversation where they feel safe, a space where a family can wait while a room is being put together, an area for kids to play while a mother might relax with tea or a refreshment. 

Proposed Furnishings + Plan 

Proposed Pallette

In August we will be putting out a call for volunteers to help us in a 2 weekend demo and design jam sesh as we remodel the new registration room at WA. 

Donation items, if you have items that are similar to the styles seen in the document below, or would like to sponsor an item, please contact advocacy@iida-northland.orgg

Donation items

Not able to help with the remodel?  Donate through their website!

Donate Here!



2 Weekends for volunteer opportunities:

September 22nd & 23rd  (Demo Weekend to clear out the existing space)

September 29th & 30th  (Remodel Weekend to paint, install and stage the new space)






With further questions please contact:  advocacy@iida-northland.org



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