Hey Book{worms},

The Member Connection Committee would like to host you for our “Quarterly Book{ish} Review”, a virtual event that inspires connection and fosters an open environment for discussion. Cozy up with us on Monday, September 27th, grab your favorite drink, and get ready to share your thoughts on our inspiring quarterly read, Futureproof: 9 Rules for Humans in the Age of Automation

Book Synopsis

The machines are here. After decades of sci-fi doomsaying and marketing hype, advanced A.I. and automation technologies have leapt out of research labs and Silicon Valley engineering departments and into the center of our lives. The world’s biggest corporations are racing to automate jobs, and some experts predict that A.I. could put millions of people out of work. But all is not lost. With a little effort, we can become futureproof. 

In Futureproof: 9 Rules for Machine-Age Humans, New York Times technology columnist Kevin Roose lays out an optimistic vision of how people can thrive in the machine age by rethinking their relationship with technology, and making themselves irreplaceably human.

In this timely, counterintuitive, and highly practical guide to the age of A.I. and automation, a New York Times technology columnist argues that the key to success is making yourself more human, not less.

Whether it’s new, used, e-reading, or listening, there are a variety of ways you can join Book{ish}!  We recommend purchasing this quarter’s read at our highlighted local book store, Moon Palace Books. Moon Palace Books is an independent neighborhood bookstore located in South Minneapolis. They carry a variety of new and used books, with the option for consignment. For more details on this bookstore, click the link above. The first 10 registered Book{worms} will receive a gift card to use there!  Otherwise, check out your neighborhood book store or your local library as other options.

Want recommendations on other great local books stores or have any general questions? Email your Member Connection Ambassadors at Memberconnection@iida-northland.org for more information!


**Please note, this is an IIDA Members Only event and participants must be in attendance in order to receive their gift card.





September 27, 2021



5:00pm – 6:00pm



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