2022-2023 Student Advisory Board Application


About the Student Advisory Board:
The Student Advisory Board (SAB) exists to better IIDA’s Student Affairs Committees’ events. As a member of this board, you are expected to participate in the two SAB meetings held throughout the year (one in the Fall 10/26/2022 and one in the Spring). In addition to full and active participation in the meetings, you are also expected to participate in all of the Student Affairs Committees’ events: Insight, Spark, and Pique. Taking part in these events is crucial, as these events are the main topic of discussion at the SAB meetings. The Student Advisory Board is the voice between students and IIDA Northland’s Student Affairs Committee.


Applications are NOW being accepted through October 10 @ 5:00pm!  

  • IIDA Student Member
  • Attend two meetings with our Student Affairs Committee
  • Participate in IIDA Northland student events (eg. INSIGHT, PIQUE)
  • Promote IIDA Northland events at their school and encourage other students to become involved with IIDA Northland

Student Advisory Board members should have a passion for design and be willing to spread the IIDA Northland message throughout their campus. They must be full of enthusiasm and ideas of how they can get their campus more involved with IIDA Northland.

Students, this is your opportunity to be honest and provide constructive feedback on our events!

  • Get involved with the interior design community
  • Boost professional resume
  • Be showcased on our Student Advisory Board website
  • Learn how to network and gain access to industry design events
  • One-on-one interaction with the designers on the Student Affairs Committee
  • Be the first to know what IIDA is working on, and what student events are coming up!
  • Give your opinion, make a difference, and help shape IIDA Northland student events

Thanks to all of our Student Advisory Board 2021-2022 Members!

Kaia Van Patten

Dunwoody College of Technology

Rachel Stanger

Dunwoody College of Technology

Emma Youngstedt

Dunwoody College of Technology

Sumeya Mohamed

Dunwoody College of Technology

Abigail Hopkins

North Dakota State University

Michaela Cook

University of Wisconsin – Stout

Freja Johnson

University of Wisconsin – Stout

Nicole McConville

University of Wisconsin – Stout

Ezra Nelson

University of Wisconsin – Stout

Kayla Daninger

University of Wisconsin – Stout

Kathryn Merta

University of Minnesota